Fuerteventura Holidays Allow You to Relax in Charming Places


An island closest to the North African coast, Fuerteventura is an exciting destination for tourists who wish to enjoy a pleasant beach holiday. It has long stretches of white-sand beaches that are touched by crystal-clear turquoise waters.

This island destination can be a perfect place for those who wish to have a laid-back holiday amidst beautiful natural surroundings. It is the second largest of the Canary Islands and has been unspoilt to a great extent. It is believed that the sand dunes of Fuerteventura were brought from Africa’s biggest desert by strong winds blowing through the Sahara.

Your cheap Fuerteventura holidays would give you the chance to explore its popular attractions. One of them is the Corralejo Sand Dunes. In the year 2002, these dunes were declared a Natural Park. They are located outside the former fishing village called Corralejo and extend to about 11 kilometers. Owing to this enormous size, it rarely gets crowded and the entire place has been well-maintained.

Various kinds of festivities are also organized on the beach area by the Municipality of Corralejo. One of them is the Kite Festival. If you wish to enjoy surfing during your visit, you can rent water sports equipment, such as surfboards.

Photo from – Fuerteventura Kite Festival

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During your Fuerteventura holidays, you can also explore the enchanting village of El Cotillo. It is situated on the island’s northern parts and has become a popular spot for day trips in the past few years. Locals also make a trip to this village to spend relaxed moments on its beaches and to savor the delicious seafood in its restaurants. Among the beaches you must never miss during your trip to this village is La Concha Beach. It is no less than a tropical paradise and much of El Cotillo’s popularity is attributed to La Concha.

While visiting a small coastal village of Ajuy during your Fuerteventura holidays, you’ll come across some intriguing caves. They can be reached by taking a small coastal road from the center of the Ajuy village. Jean de Bethencourt had dropped the anchor along these rocky shores for the first time upon his arrival on the island in the early 15th century. You’ll also get to witness the famous American Star shipwreck, which lies on the Playa de Garcey beach. It had reached this remote location during a storm in the year 1994.

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Betancuria, the former capital town of the island, is also worth visiting during your time spent in Fuerteventura. It was named after Jean de Bethencourt, who had founded this town in the year 1405 as a small village. In the year 1593, the village was completely destroyed by a pirate named Jaban.

After this massive destruction, the locals came together and rebuilt the village entirely and it developed into a town that later became Fuerteventura’s capital. It held this prestigious position until the neighboring town of La Oliva became the island’s capital in 1834. You’ll hardly be surprised by the fact that the town’s economy runs mainly on tourism.

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