How to Have Some Exciting Experiences with Tenerife Holidays


A major Spanish tourist destination explored by more than 10 million tourists annually, Tenerife is the largest of all the Canary Islands. This gorgeous island hosts the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is among the largest carnivals in the world. Visitors to this island destination would find ideal environs to unwind and enjoy a pleasant holiday on its charming white-sand beaches.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

These beaches are touched by blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and this gives tourists the chance to indulge in their favorite activities. While getting around on this island, you’ll also come across tropical forests and magnificent mountains.

White beach somewhere in Adeje

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The most cost-effective season for enjoying your Tenerife holidays is spring, which the island experiences from March to May. Hotels located on the island would be willing to offer some fabulous deals on accommodations in spring, as not many tourists visit the island during this time of the year. Autumn makes its presence felt in Tenerife between September and November. This is yet another great season to get some discounts on room rates. The busiest season on the island is summer from June to August as this is the time when it is visited by tourists in large numbers. If you wish to enjoy your holiday in summer, you must book several months in advance. Yet another busy tourist season is experienced from December to February.

El Durazno, Puerto de la Cruz.Tenerife

During your holiday spent on this Spanish island, you’ll get the chance to visit its most popular attractions. One of them is Teide National Park, which is situated on Mount Teide and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the fourth highest volcano in the world and Spain’s highest point.

Mount Teide

You can visit the Museum of Science and Cosmos if you wish to get some interesting insights into the world of science and astronomy. While exploring this museum, you’ll come across interesting interactive displays and a planetarium. You can witness stone pyramids dating back to the ancient times upon visiting the Piramides de Guimar Ethnographic Park.

Photo from – Piramides de Guimar Ethnographic Park


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While enjoying your holiday on this island, you’ll also have the chance to try some thrilling activities. Mountain biking is one such activity, which takes you to some majestic places in the mountains of Tenerife. Go paragliding if you wish to enjoy breath-taking views of the island from a greater height. You would be guided by trained pilots if you are a beginner. Hiking can be enjoyed amidst picturesque surroundings by taking the trails on Tenerife’s mountains.

Mountain Hiking in Tenerife

Your holiday in this part of the world would also allow you to relish some delectable treats from the local cuisine. Papas Arrugadas is one of them, which is prepared by boiling wrinkled potatoes in salt water. It is served with meat and fish. A red salsa called Mojo Rojo and a green salsa called Mojo Verde can be combined with Papas Arrugadas. If you like to savor some spicy food, Carne Fiesta would be the best choice. It is made by marinating pieces of pork with a mixture of spices and frying them.

Photo from – Papas Arrugadas

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