Savor Some Visual Delights With Holidays to Spain


Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is a country with diverse offerings for its tourists including the gorgeous Canary and Balearic islands. Every year, millions of travelers head to this country to explore its historical legacy, attractive coastlines, and architectural wonders.

While on a holiday in this country, you’d also come across beautiful villages on the hills during one of your sightseeing trips. You’ll notice that the countryside charm of this European country is as fascinating as the old buildings in its major cities.

Summer arrives in the month of June in Spain and continues until the end of August. If you’re someone who cannot stand the scorching heat of summers, restrict your outdoor activities. However, you’ll not be able to stop yourself from getting outdoors if you’re in the country during the ‘San Fermin’ and ‘Running with the Bulls’ festivals. Autumn from September to November is one of the best times to be in Spain, as you can experience a wonderful climate and visit some enchanting places to sample some wine.


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For those who are looking for excellent deals on hotel accommodations and spending some quality time in serene coastal towns, the winter season from December to February is highly recommended for holidays to Spain. The best time to visit this country is spring when you can enjoy some fantastic outdoor activities, savor the natural beauty, and join the locals in celebrating some vibrant festivals.

A visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao would give you the chance to witness its excellent architecture designed by Frank Gehry, a well-known American architect. You can explore some of the finest examples of contemporary art in its rotating displays and travelling exhibitions. Another fabulous attraction is the Great Mosque of Cordoba, one of the world’s largest mosques. Along with the Alhambra of Granada, it is among the greatest examples of European Islamic art and architecture.



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You can explore the La Giralda tower, Seville Cathedral, and the Alcazar during your cheap holidays to Spain as they form a splendid UNESCO World Heritage Site together. The cathedral has a vast space in its interiors and houses a 37-metre altar of statues covered in gold. The Prado and Paseo del Artes are among the top art museums of the world and contain priceless treasures of art housed in their galleries.

Spain gives you the chance to enjoy some thrilling activities in various places. From the city of Barcelona, you can go on a 5-hour tour to Montserrat in a minibus to enjoy a one-hour hike through an enchanting nature park located in the rocky range. An adventure drive in a 4WD vehicle in Sierra Nevada National Park during your cheap Spain holidays would allow you to savor the marvelous views of snow-capped peaks, Mediterranean forests, and serene villages.

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You can book the 4WD trip to Sierra Nevada National Park with a local tour operator in Granada. If you like horse-riding, you can grab the opportunity to visit the most beautiful natural parks in Catalonia on a horseback from Barcelona. The volcanic landscapes and charming beaches of Lanzarote can be explored with the help of an adventurous off-road buggy tour.

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